Professional Health & Safety Services


"Why you should choose WRM Safety Solutions Consulting Inc. to assist you in your prevention efforts"!


Mitigating your Liability is what we do best, plain and simple!!


We are 100% fully committed to providing Permanant, Professional Services, Programs and Products for small and medium size businesses that suit your budget!


Our staff are experienced, come from diverse backgrounds with a wealth of  knowledge and practical, demonstrated expertise in Occupational Health and Safety on a National Level!




We truly believe in partnering with our valued clients in their incident prevention efforts by being "with you every step of the way 24-7".


No other Health and Safety Provider anywhere offers this level of support, guidance and service!


We offer you a variety of professionally developed classroom, web based and other permanent solutions to help you keep your employees safe, meet the requirements of law and achieve the highest level of Due Diligence possible!



Providing Permanent Workplace Health and Safety Solutions is what we do best!


Give our office a call 519-274-525 or email us at to discuss how we can help you keep your valued employees safe!